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City of Knowledge

A comfortable and convenient meeting place...

Where is located?

Just a few minutes from downtown Panama City, City of Knowledge is strategically located across from the Panama Canal. 

How to get there?

It is 40 minutes from the International Airport.
From the International Airport, take the Corredor Sur follow the Cinta Costera Avenue take towards Omar Torrijos, bordering the Panama Canal.

Quick guide:

http://ciudaddelsaber.org/en/panama/quick-guide (in English)

http://ciudaddelsaber.org/es/panama/guia-rapida (in Spanish)

This guide shows some of the shops and services in the areas adjacent to the City of Knowledge, we hope you find it useful.

What and how is it?

City of Knowledge is a management platform that focuses on boosting the innovative and competitive capacities of the users who share the Campus. Integration, dynamic networking, and joint efforts facilitate the transference of knowledge.

Some 120 hectares and more than 200 buildings of what was once the Clayton military base are now home to a booming international community established for the purpose of business, academic, scientific, and humanistic collaboration. The objective is human and sustainable development based on knowledge.


The City of Knowledge's mission is being an international platform for knowledge management to promote sustainable development and the competitive advantages of Panama.



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